Custom Hypnotherapy

The sky is the limit with hypnosis. If you dont see what you are looking for here, dont let it stop you. I do custom hypnosis sessions, free of charge.

Welcome to Hypnosis by Sarah

Ever heard the expression:
Mind over Matter"?
Well...there is more truth to this than one might think.

Did you know?
On average, we only use 10% of the potential of the human brain.
 What would happen if we began to use more? how do we tap in to that?
With hypnosis, we dig further. . . past the consiousness into the sub consiousness.
In easy english. . . we tap past the wall of "impossible" that we put up in our minds. Once past that we can conquor things like:
breaking addictions, getting over insomnia, conquoring fears and even physical body changes.

If you had the chance to better your life. . . wouldn't you?
Well NOW is the time to start! It is never too late!
Look through my video and audio sessions.
If what you are trying to conquor is not here.. . . dont give up!
Send me an email with the details of your subject and your video or audio will be made
free of additional charge
Or make it custom to your own name. Prices vary.
Also, skype LIVE with Sarah for personal one and one custom hypnosis sessions.
Sessions vary from $150 to $300
for more info on these sessions, please email me

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